The Ultimate Serial Killer Of All Time!!

            Sgt. O’Brien’s severed head was delivered to a local television news station Tuesday morning.  Sgt. O’Brien was once one of the toughest of the U.S. Army Rangers Special Forces before being discharged last month.  When not on missions he was a tournament karate champion and campaigned for his father, the Governor of Massachusetts. 

            The previous night Sgt. O’Brien had came home to his apartment in Boston to find a stranger sitting in a chair in his living room.  “Good evening, Sgt. O’Brien,” said the stranger, “I’m going to beat you to death with my bare hands because I’m bored.  Then I’m going to cook your thigh muscle with some BBQ sauce for dinner and mail your severed head to the news station for some laughs.”

            Sgt. O’Brien clenched his fist and asked, “Are you psychotic?”  The stranger rose from the chair and smiled.  He was only 5’7’’ tall but had wide shoulders and much more muscle than Sgt. O’Brien.  He had dark brown hair, light brown eyes, and was dressed head to toe in black with black leather gloves. 

            “I am more than simply psychotic,” the stranger said. “I am the ultimate psycho.  The ultimate serial killer.  Other serial killers hunt young women who can’t defend themselves.  I have killed plenty myself but they are so easy to kill its boring now.  Killing the best fighters is much more exciting.”

            Sgt. O’Brien charged at the serial killer trying to tackle him but was quickly kicked in the chest knocking him over.  He arose quickly and started throwing punches and kicks at lightning speed.  They were all easily blocked by the serial killer who was laughing at him as he fought.  He grabbed Sgt. O’Brien’s arm and flipped him through a glass table.  His face now covered in blood from glass cuts Sgt. O’Brien grabbed a wooden leg of the broken table and smiled.

            “Now its getting interesting.” laughed the serial killer.  He ducked and blocked Sgt. O’Brien’s swings and then seized the arm holding the wooden leg turned club and broke his arm.  Sgt. O’Brien roared in pain and looked down to see bone sticking out of his arm. 

            He tried to kick the serial killer but his leg was seized and his knee snapped.  Then he was flipped face first into the floor busting several teeth.  The serial killer lifted his leg and sent his heel down like an axe onto Sgt. O’Brien’s spine instantly paralyzing him.

            Paralyzed in a pool of his own blood the only thing he could do was shed tears from the unimaginable pain.  He thought the serial killer was going to finish the job any second when he suddenly felt a knife carving the flesh from his thigh.

            “Oh silly me I forgot to mention I was going to eat you alive.” laughed the serial killer.  Soon Sgt. O’Brien could smell meat cooking in BBQ sauce and was horrified that his mouth was watering.  “Don’t water,” he thought to his mouth, “This is your own flesh this psycho is cooking.”

            The serial killer sat down on the floor with the young man’s cooked thigh directly in front on his bloody face.  Sgt. O’Brien last sight before dying of blood loss was of the serial killer eating his thigh with BBQ sauce, fries, and beer.

            The stranger cleaned himself up as he heard sirens approaching.  He knelt next to his victim and pretended to take a pulse as he heard the police running up the stairs.  Two young cops still in their twenties came through the door guns drawn yelling, “Freeze!”

            The stranger looked up and calmly said, “He’s got no pulse, boys.  You can cancel the ambulance.  Relax, I’m a cop.  I heard the fighting as I was walking by and came up to investigate.  My badge is in my right pants pocket.”

            The cops kept their guns aimed at him as one of them took out his wallet.  He glanced at the badge that anyone could get a fake copy of and examined the police ID card for anti-faking reflections. The cop put away his gun and told his partner, “He’s for real.  Massachusetts State Police Narcotics Unit.  Detective Bruno Murphy.”

            Serial killer Bruno Murphy ordered the cop by the door to interview the neighbor across the hall.  As one cop left he asked the other, “Come here and look at this.  Do you see a piece of his thigh cut out?”  The cop, filled with morbid curiosity, bent over to examine the wound as Bruno came from behind and slit his throat. The young cop, barely over a year on the force, fell onto the corpse bleeding his own pool of blood now mixing with Sgt. O’Brien’s pool of blood. 

            The other cop returned to find his partner dead.  Bruno quickly drew his gun and shot the cop’s right hand as he reached for his gun.  Screaming in pain the cop ran down the stairs and out the front door of the apartment building.  Bruno took aim from Sgt. O’Brien’s fifth floor apartment window.  As the cop grabbed the door handle of his cruiser with his bleeding hand and was shot in the side of the head.

            Bruno took an axe from the backpack he had brought earlier and chopped of Sgt. O’Brien’s head with one strike.  He placed it in a plastic bag in his backpack and walked out of the building to the police cruiser.  He opened the hood, removed the GPS, and drove off.  He parked it at Logan Airport and grabbed the police radio microphone.  “Two officers down.  I killed them easily after eating the flesh of the Governor’s son for dinner.  I am the Ultimate Psycho and this is only the beginning.”

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