The Ultimate Serial Killer Of All Time!!
The Ultimate Serial Killer of all time!
"The Ultimate Psycho: Volume One" By Seth Krueger Only $9.95 and eligible for FREE Shipping on!!
More Sadistic than the Marquis de Sade and Stephen King combined!
The Ultimate Psycho is superior to Hannibal Lector, Jason Voorhees, Ted Bundy, Jeffery Dahmer, Michael Myers, & Jack The Ripper Combined!!
The Ultimate Psycho calls himself, “The greatest serial killer in history.” After leaving a trail of bodies from the city of Boston across New England a detective begins to suspect that the killer is a highly trained cop. The Ultimate Psycho’s true identity is Massachusetts State Police Sgt. Bruno Murphy. He is a former U.S. Marines Special Forces soldier and expert in numerous martial arts. He leads a triple life as a Massachusetts State Trooper who by day is undercover as a cocaine dealer and by night he is “The Ultimate Psycho.” Unlike weaker serial killers who prey on young women and sneak up with weapons the Ultimate Psycho uses his bare hands to kill and targets trained warriors. Murdering karate champions, Army Rangers, Navy SEALS, professional wrestlers, Russian mobsters, police officers, and more, he never sneaks up on his victims. The Ultimate Psycho confronts his victims face-to-face and warns, “I’m going to kill you with my bare hands! Try and stop me!”
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